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Why You Should Invest in a Juicer

If you have an interest in making homemade juice from the comfort of your own kitchen then you probably have started to do a little research on the juicers that are available for purchase. Each juicer brand has different features that you can consider. You might be looking for something that is easy to clean. You might want a machine that makes more juice. Something you should consider is investing in a cold press juicer.


A cold pressed juicer is a newer item that is on the market. This is a machine that will essentially press the fruits and vegetables that you put into the equipment. This will force out the juice. A good quality machine will reduce the amount of pulp that you have in your final product. Some people like to use their juice to make smoothies and other recipes. Some people drink the juice immediately after making it.

Health Benefits 

These juicers work without the need for heat and this equates to a much more, raw product. You won’t lose any of the nutrients that are in the products you are juicing. Your immune system will receive a boost of vitamins and minerals that can help fight off the common cold, the influenza virus and even destroy cancer cells. Using the cold press process is the healthiest way to juice at home.

Shelf Life 

Prepping your fruits and vegetables can be a bit time consuming. This is especially true if you are someone that rushes around to get out the door in the morning. A cold pressed juice can last in the refrigerator for up to five whole days. This is due to reduced oxidation that only occurs with the cold pressed process. You save on time but you also save on money not having to run the juicer each day and then clean it.

Centrifugal Juicers and Cold Pressed 

Centrifugal juicers utilize chopping technology to mash up the product and extract the juice. Cold pressers simply press the product to extract the juice. The centrifugal machines have been very popular up until now. There isn’t anything wrong with this technology and it is still beneficial. Many people are realizing that there are benefits associated with being gentler with your fruits and vegetables and pressing them for extraction. It takes a bit of research to make a decision on what you think is going to work best for what you are looking to accomplish.

At the end of your search for a juicer you will need to decide on a machine that will suit your needs and your budget. Think about what kind of juices you intend to make at home and how often you are going to use your juicer. Being able to consume a beverage that is packed full of vitamins and minerals in the perfect way to start out your day. You will notice that you have more energy and stay healthier throughout the course of the year.

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