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The Benefits Of Fabric Structures

The popularity of clear span fabric structures has risen greatly in the past few years and there are many reasons why this is so. To help the curious consumer know why they should consider buying a fabric structure for use in their yard or on their property, here is a breakdown of everything that they bring to the table.

1. They are an excellent way of helping to prevent skin cancer. This may seem like an overly dramatic statement but there is nothing better to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun than fabric. It is even better than slathering sunscreen on yourself. Who doesn’t want their children to play outside when the weather is nice? But to do so risks putting them in contact with the sunshine that could deliver sunburns and potentially long-term skin damage. When there are clear span fabric structures in use, this should never be a worry.

2. The shade the fabric provides is much more comfortable than the shade provided by wood or metal. This is because the fabric is porous and so allows the air to circulate better. The result is the air underneath the canopy, in the shade, is much cooler than the air would be in the shade of metal structure.

3. For safety reasons, only clear span fabric structures should be used when small children are playing in the area. This is because metal structures will get too hot in the blazing sun and can actually cause burns to whoever touches them. The fabric may get warm to the touch but due to its physical makeup is incapable of burning anyone.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to use only fabric-covered structures in yards or on playgrounds. They are the safest and most economical way to enjoy the hot summer months.

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