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Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Preventing A Dangerous Situation

Gas leaks can be a dangerous situation for you and your family. One spark can be all it takes to set an entire home aflame. Breathing in gas in an enclosed space, too, can have terrible health consequences later. If you believe your home may have a gas leak Spring TX, then you need to vacate the home and call AAACTION Plumbing to take care of it. Here are a few signs that you may be experiencing a gas leak in your home.


One of the initial signs that indicate a gas leak is the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. This smell can seemingly come out of nowhere. However, it is most potent in areas where gas is connected to appliances. If you smell this odor and it persists, then you likely have a gas leak and should seek aid immediately.

Dead Plants

Another indicator of a gas leak is if the plants in your home have suddenly died. You may even notice that certain plants that are situated close to where the gas connects with the appliances are the only ones that have died. The chemicals within the gas are toxic to plants and they are usually a good first indicator that your gas leak is becoming a larger problem.


A physical sign that you might experience with a gas leak is dizziness. Again, this is because the fumes of the gas are toxic to a human if exposed to them for too long. You may even end up feeling lightheaded. For those who are in an enclosed space, gas may end up making you pass out if you’re exposed for a long period.

Breathing Issues

You may experience difficulty breathing during a gas leak. Whenever you do breathe in, you may find that you feel irritation in your throat or even your eyes. Nausea is also common.

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