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Decor Ideas That Make a Space Pop With Interest

Painting your home a neutral color is the safest way to ensure a rapid sale in the future. However, there must be other colors that bring life into the household. Consider these decor items and ideas that make a space pop with interest and appeal. Buyers will wonder what’s around every corner.

Glass Tiles Integrated Into Walls

Bathrooms and shower stalls usually have one tile style adhered to the walls. There’s no elegant accents to break the visual up. Think about installing glass tiles as accents. You might be remodeling the bathroom, for example. Add standard tiles to the walls, but create a horizontal line of glass tiles at eye level. The room suddenly has a unique appearance.

Metal Accents

Metal is one of the most durable materials for the home. Try handcrafted metal as centerpieces or fire screens. Large spheres or fire balls might be accents that you add to an outdoor retreat too. Always look for craftsmen who have a passion for the metal arts. A person who can mold metal gives you a story forged for all times.

Wood Paneling

White walls and ceilings need a focal point. Try wood paneling on a wall as an accent. It can be hardwood, but you can also opt for more cost-effective materials. Laminate planks work just as well. The wall suddenly improves the entire room’s appearance.

Bright Doors

Your home’s exterior may be beige or brown. These colors work as a blending agent in the neighborhood, but that fact doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten the area otherwise. Consider brightly colored doors for the front porch and side entryways. The chosen colors might be blue, orange or red. You’ll turn heads as people drive down the street.

Although your decor is fascinating, potential buyers don’t need reminders of who really lives at the property. Before an open house, remove personal photos of you and the family. Buyers need to picture themselves in the property without those images. Homes will sell fast as a result of your efforts.

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