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Co-Signing a Bail Bond for Someone You Love

Could it happen to someone you care about? The reality is that more than 3 percent of the U.S.’ population find themselves under arrest every year. All of them face staying in jail unless they can arrange for bail.

Bail, simply put, are the assets a judge or court officer demands to release someone from jail with the promise to show up later to be tried or sentenced. That promise is called a bail bond, usually arranged for a fee through a bail bond agent such as bail bonds licking county oh.

If a person you love can’t “make bail”, you may qualify to co-sign the bail bond. You must be a U.S. citizen who’s lived in the area for the necessary time, with a stable job and good credit rating. The bail bond agent’s non-refundable fee usually runs 10 percent of the total bail amount. Expect to pay it in cash.

Responsibilities of Co-Signing a Bail Bond

By co-signing a bail bond, you promise the defendant will show up for all scheduled court appearances.

You also might have to pledge your own assets — cash, credit cards or property titles — to back up your promise. Bail bond agents often require this as a guarantee that the bail money they pledge to the court will be returned if your loved one refuses to appear.

The Bottom Line

Co-signing a bail bond contract is a real commitment. Don’t take it lightly, because you’re on the hook as soon as your loved one is released from jail. From that point on, it’s up to you to see to it that he or she makes it to court on time.

Nothing can throw someone into a panic faster than news that someone they love has been arrested. If it happens to you, having a reliable bail bond agent like bail bonds licking county oh explain the positives and pitfalls of co-signing a bail bond contract can make sure your decision is the best one for all concerned.

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What Makes A Great Landlord?

As you think about vetting potential tenants and worry about getting reliable ones, it can be easy to forget that a good landlord goes a long way toward attracting and keeping good tenants. “Do unto others” may be a bit clichéd, but it’s true nevertheless. Here’s how you can be the great landlord that great tenants want to rent from.

View your tenants as people

This one should go without saying, but too often it’s tempting to think of tenants solely in terms of either money or problems. It’s crucial to see renters as people just like you: people with bills to pay, family worries, job stress, preferences, fears, and delights. What exactly does that mean?

Let it start with respect. Respect your tenant’s privacy. When you get your free rental application online set up, don’t ask for information you don’t actually need. Be as careful with the information you do get as if it were your own private financial and social history.

Respect your tenant’s privacy at home, too. You hate it when they call at odd hours demanding things. Why wouldn’t they hate if you show up at odd hours demanding things? Let them know when you’re coming, limit your visits only to what is necessary, and only come during regular hours.

Compassion could pay off in the end

When tenants are late on a payment, the temptation is to suspect the worst: They’re worthless with money, untrustworthy, or maybe lazy. If you have an otherwise good tenant who suddenly is a little late, consider showing some well-placed compassion.

Don’t go overboard, though. You don’t want to be taken advantage of. Within certain limits, though, listen to the story and see whether it rings true. If they’ve had a sick kid every week for a month or haven’t been able to pick up overtime shifts at work as they normally do, consider giving them a little grace period.

If you’ve got good tenants, you can bet they’ll remember this and think well of you for it. A tenant with a great landlord will be more willing to consider a rent increase to keep that relationship. And if they have to move away they might even help you find another solid tenant and put in a good word for your place.

Be completely reliable

This doesn’t mean you have to be at the beck and call of your tenants 24/7. What it means is that they can always rely on you to keep your word. If you say things will get fixed by a certain date, they will be.

If something is in the lease, your tenants should be 100 percent sure that you’ll keep to it. In fact, they should be sure that you’ll keep to it just as strictly whether it’s in their favor as if it’s in yours.

This also means knowing the law and keeping to that, too. Tenants have rights, and so do landlords. You should know all those rights and respect them in a professional and kind way. Never use the law as an excuse to get what you need. Instead, you need to know it, quote it, and act on it as a set of rules that keeps both parties safe.

In the end, you and your tenants have a business relationship. You need their money; they need your property. It’s not that different from buying something at a store or hiring someone to perform a service. You need your business to be profitable, and they need to get genuine value for their dollar. Keep all this in mind, and you’ll be set up to keep great tenants.

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Choosing the Right Telephone System for Your Home or Business

There was a time when all you had to worry about when choosing a phone system for your home or business was contacting your local phone company to hook up a landline. That isn’t the case anymore. Yes, you can rely on a landline, but you have other options available, some of which might suit you better.

Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual phone systems are used to connect multiple phones to a main business line, including mobile phones and home telephones of your remote workers. They come in handy if you have a small business with several employees who work remotely or if you are a sole proprietor and need to be reached when you are away from your home or office. The only drawback is that virtual phone systems aren’t technically proper systems. They rely on your home or mobile network, so you will be charged for calls that go out to your remote workers.

VOIP Systems

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Basically, it’s a phone system that goes through your Internet connection instead of a landline. These systems are relatively inexpensive and come with some of the most advanced bells and whistles you could ask for in a phone line. They do rely on your Internet connection though, so you might want to go with another option if your wi-fi is spotty.


Finally, you can always use a landline for your home or business if you wish. They are certainly reliable and easy to manage most of the time, and they make it easy to reach you if you spend most of your time at home or you have a business with a central location. They are being phased out though, so it might be difficult to find someone to repair a landline if something goes wrong. If you have the money to spend and you have a large central office for your business, you can go far with a landline if you have an IT team that is able to repair and maintain it. Otherwise, a VOIP system or a virtual system might work better for you. telephone systems sales

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A Few Ways to Make Exercise Fun

If everyone enjoyed exercise, it is likely that everyone would be fit and in shape. Unfortunately, many view exercise as a chore. While some have this negative opinion of exercise, it does not change the fact that exercise is good for you. If you need a little bit of motivation to help you exercise more, here are a few ways that you can make exercise more fun.

Make exercise a social event. Don’t go to the gym alone and slave over exercise equipment by yourself. Get a friend or family member to head to the gym with you. As you engage in conversation and get encouragement from your friend to exercise, you will barely notice as the time goes by. The added support can help you to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

Find alternative ways to exercise. You do not need to just sign up for a local gym and visit it four or five times a week. While this can be beneficial, finding other forms of exercise will likely be a lot more fun. For individuals who enjoy swimming, they do not even notice that they are exercising. Sign up for a membership with a club or gym that has a pool or contact fiberglass pools st. louis county mo professionals and have one installed in your backyard. Swimming is a low impact exercise that provides tons of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

If you love animals, getting a dog may be the perfect motivation for you to get out and have some fun while you exercise. You will be motivated to move because your furry friend will need the exercise as well. You will likely find trails, parks, and other great outdoor areas where you can take your dog for a nice long walk or run. Planning a dog date with a friend who has a dog will add even more fun to the exercise.

The next time you go on vacation, plan physical activities that will get you moving. Go on a hike or a swim in your vacation destination. Or visit museums that will require lots of walking. Exercise does not need to be boring. You just need to be a little bit creative when planning how you will exercise in order to enjoy it.

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Have You Been a Victim of Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping has been used by locksmiths for many years to open locks when a key cannot be found. Many thieves are using this technique today to gain access to your home. What is lock bumping? When a certain kind of key is inserted into the lock and “bumped”, it causes the tumblers to move out of place, and the key will open the lock.

Lock Bumping Keys are Accessible to Anyone

The dangerous aspect of this method of opening locks is that anyone can buy the lock bumping keys and instructions on how to use them. Many homes have cylinder locks that are easily opened with these keys. When this type of key is used to enter your home and take your belongings, the loss is likely not going to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Since the insurance companies require proof that your home was burglarized, such as forced entry, they will not pay. Lock bumping shows no signs of unauthorized entry. Some estimates show that 90% of home are susceptible to this break-in technique.

Can You Prevent Lock Bumping?

One of the best ways of preventing this from happening to you is to invest in a commercial grade lock. They are resistant to lock picking and bumping. Another option is to have a locksmith put special pins in your lock to make it less vulnerable to lock bumping. One example of a is Master Security Center.

The higher the security grade of the lock you use for your home, the better it will withstand attempts at unauthorized entry. With the availability of information on the Internet, anyone has the means readily accessible to learn how to get into a home that is protected with regular style cylinder locks. Of course, the used of added security can help as well.

Your home should be where you feel the safest. It is much easier to protect your home with high grade locks and security now than to try and replace your belongings after a break-in.