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How Hired Cleaners Make Life Easier

In today’s busy world, it’s important to keep things neat and clean to maximize efficiency. A cluttered space can unfortunately translate to a cluttered mind. With busy schedules, careers and families, keeping a tidy home isn’t always easy. It often means sacrificing nice weekends inside trying to catch up. If you’d rather spend your free time pursuing more meaningful activities, you already have a good reason to hire a cleaning service.

Cleaning Services Save You Time

Hiring a cleaning crew can save you precious time for more significant things like spending time with your children, traveling, entertaining or just relaxing. When professional cleaning services Olney MD do the work for you, you come home to a sparking house with time to concentrate on what’s important to you.

Hired Cleaning Keeps You Healthy

You may not have considered that professional cleaning could be good for your health, but it is. Having someone clean on a regular schedule and remove dust and dirt on a constant basis keeps air fresher and helps you avoid allergies. Cleaning all the small crevices and corners as well as larger surfaces makes breathing a lot easier. A cleaning crew also has all the best chemicals to sanitize surfaces and kill germs.

Better Detail-Cleaning

When cleaners do detail-cleaning at your home, it means they take the time to clean all the small spaces you may not think of. Dusting under furniture, on top of doors, knick-knacks and intricate woodwork take much less time for a team than it would on your own.

Cleaning Services Save You

Hiring a cleaning company with years of experience will save you more than money in the long run. You’ll also save on chemicals, aggravation and you’ll save yourself all those wasted hours of housework. Finally, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the things that matter most. 

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What To Do If Your Tree Is Struck By Lightning

Lightning is undoubtedly the most dramatic threat to your trees. Every year, thousands of trees across the country get struck by lightning. When lightning hits a tree, the tree’s moisture immediately turns into gas, causing the tree to explode. This can be disastrous; 50% of the trees struck by lightning die immediately. Those that survive suffer catastrophic damage, which makes them more vulnerable to disease. While not every tree is a target for lightning, it’s important that you know what to do if lightning does hit your tree.  For professional help you can always contact the tree care experts in Elgin.

Not all trees are equal when it comes to lightning. First of all, it will be the tallest tree in the neighborhood that gets hit. Short trees are not likely targets.

Some species of trees are more prone to lightning. These include:






For some reason, beech and birch trees rarely get hit by lightning.

When a tree is struck by lightning, there are three possibilities; the tree is not damaged, the tree is damaged but survives, or the tree dies.

What To Do if Lightning Hits Your Tree

First of all, there may be a residual electric charge in the area around the tree; do not immediately approach your tree. Wait at least a few minutes before attempting to assess the damage.

The first thing you should do is give your tree a very generous watering. Also, give it some fertilizer to help it heal and to stimulate new growth.

While broken branches and scarred bark may seem minor, you must check for additional damage periodically. Trees that have been struck by lightning are far more vulnerable to disease and pests.

You can also help your lightning struck tree by cutting off any broken branches and damaged wood. However, don’t do any extensive pruning for a year after the lightning strike. The tree care experts in Elgin can help you assess the damage, and trim off any damaged branches.

Trees that were damaged by lightning that survive through the next spring are most likely to fully recover. Unfortunately, if your tree has suffered irreparable lightning damage, it will need to be removed. Leaving a severely damaged tree standing can often cause threats to your healthy trees, such as the spread of pests or disease. A lightning-struck tree that dies can also pose a threat by falling over onto your property, or that of your neighbors. If your lightning struck tree seems beyond hope, consult with the tree care experts in Elgin. They can help you decide if the tree needs to be removed, and proceed with the removal is that’s what needs to be done.

Protecting Your Trees Against Lightning

If you’re very concerned about lightning striking your trees, you might consider a lightning protection system. This involves attaching copper cables to the uppermost branches of the tree, and grounding the wire a few feet away from the tree. If lightning strikes, the electrical charge will go through the cable and into the ground, leaving your tree unharmed. This may be an expensive and complex project, but it may be well worth it if you love your trees.

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Survive the Summer Heat Wave with Air Conditioning

Temperatures in Texas are on the rise now that summer is in full swing. Beat the heat this season by installing an essential in the southern states: air conditioning. Not sure where to start? Read on for helpful tips that will have you cool down your worries in no time.

Getting Started

There are a lot of air conditioning options on the market these days. To get started on your search for the best unit, you’ve got to first figure out what type of machine you’re looking for. There are portable units, window units and, of course, central air conditioning systems. But any kind of ac in montgomery county tx is a step in the right direction.

Portable, Window or Central?

Central air conditioning is ideal for larger homes that you own and see yourself living in for years to come. They involve a significant amount of work to install, but once they’re in, they’re simple to use and provide cool air to every part of your house. Conversely, portable units are great for small apartments where you may only be staying temporarily. They are easy to move and are completely self-contained. All you need to do is place the unit near a window and extend its tubing through the pane. Alternatively, window units are great for apartments of any size and are also relatively easy to install (though it is recommended that at least two people complete the task). 

British Thermal Units

Once you have determined what kind of ac system you would like, it is important to select the right power level for your home. In air conditioning terms, power is measured in British Thermal Units, or BTUs. For larger homes or apartments, 10,000 BTUs should be the minimum. In smaller apartments or rooms, 5,000 BTUs is the lowest you would want to go. 

Don’t suffer through the summer heatwave when relief is possible! Setting up an ac unit is affordable, easy and will keep you comfortable all season long. 

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How To Host a Great House Party

There’s no better way to celebrate the long, warm nights of summer than with a well-planned house party. Whether you plan to invite the entire neighborhood or a dozen of your best friends, here are a few things you can do to make sure your party is a success. 

Get Out the Plasticware

Cleaning up dishes after a house party is no joke. Instead of serving horderves and drinks with fancy plates and cups, opt for plasticware. There are options that look like glass but can be tossed in the trash when the party is over. 

Plan Games

Parties are generally more fun when games are involved. A few decks of cards and a table or two are all that is needed to start the night off with laughter and fun. 

Clean Up Beforehand

No one wants to party in a filthy house, so make a good impression by cleaning thoroughly before your guests arrive. If you don’t have time to get things spic-and-span by yourself, hire professional cleaning services olney md. You may also want to have professional cleaners make a return visit to your house after the party is over so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Prepare Your Playlist

If the music at your party is lame, your guests are more likely to leave early. Make sure you have a good playlist of pumped-up tunes to keep your event upbeat and your guests energized. Keep the volume of your music low enough that your guests can talk to each other but loud enough that it can be heard in the background. 

Stay Sober

As the host of your house party, it’s important for you to stay sober so you can ensure your guests are having a good time (and staying out of trouble). Pour yourself a soda or a glass of sparkling water and enjoy your party while staying clear-headed. 

Hosting a party is much more fun when you’re confident and well-prepared. Follow these helpful tips to throw a house party your guests will remember. 

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Top Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but it may also be overwhelming. Whether you do some of the work yourself or hire professional movers for the entire process, it can be challenging to remember everything. Here are some of the most effective tips for making your move less stressful.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

There may be many moving companies in ballwin mo that can help you with your move, but not all of them offer the same services and pricing. Before you choose a moving company, it can be helpful to call several and get information on their services and costs. You may want to ask about their insurance plans and what happens if your items break during the move. Once you choose a moving service, make sure to follow all the directions to have things ready for the day of the move.

2. Clear Out Clutter

The last thing you want to do is move things you don’t need to your new home. Moving is an excellent time to go through your possessions to get rid of items you no longer need. You may be able to recycle, sell, or donate some items. Remember to keep a list of any donations so you can refer to it when you are filing your taxes. Outdated or broken items may need to be thrown out.

3. Pack a Day Bag

Even if you hire movers, you’ll likely be exhausted at the end of moving day. You don’t want to search through boxes to find your toiletries or other necessities. Make it easier to relax in your new home by packing a small suitcase or bag with clean clothes, pajamas, and personal hygiene items. Place items you’ll need immediately, such as your cell phone charger, coffee maker, and Wi-Fi router in a clearly marked box.

You can mitigate moving stress by planning ahead. Make the move easier by researching several moving companies, getting rid of items you don’t need, and packing essentials where you can easily access them on moving day.